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Four Week Course

What does the course include?

The Course includes the same programme as for one week enabling a choice of direct carving and detailed work in sculpture, relief carving, architectural detail and letter-cutting,  with more time for further development of work – either as a series of works, or as one larger piece. There is also the opportunity use powered equipment in the newly refurbished Stone I Work I Space, at a small additional cost per day to cover power, set up time and consumables.

  • Selection of freshly quarried stone for individual ideas,  Lifting, Moving and handling stone. Starting points for carving, individual tuition 
  • Individual tuition in stone carving techniques  – hand carving tools and power equipment  for sculpture, masonry, architectural carving, letter cutting
  • Developing carving skills from roughing out techniques to fine detail
  • Detailed carving and surface finishing techniques for Portland stone.
  • Informal discussion about work – pointers for the future. (forms part of the tuition during the course)
  • Tuition Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm (times may vary if people want to work late) The timing of lunch breaks for course participants and tutors is flexible. Most people bring packed lunches. 
  • Work photographed and loaded by participants into their vehicles at end of the 4 weeks.  
  • Evenings (Optional organised by the members of the course)
    • Eating out – Local Fish,Oysters,Crab, also Vegetarian
    • BBQ at Beach  (when weather is warm) 
    • Drill Hall – Books, Tea / Coffee, WiFi

Note: Indoor courses at the Stone I Work I Space also run throughout the year – well equipped with hydraulic carving bankers, lifting equipment, stone saw, with instruction in hand tools and use of electric / pneumatic tools. There is an additional cost for the use of lifting and powered equipment.

Note: PSQT reserves the right to change details of course dates, course fees, course content, evening arrangements and location at Tout Quarry Sculpture Park & Nature Reserve (open air workshop with weather cover) or Stone / Work / Space at the Drill Hall (indoor).


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