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The Oolite Project

The Oolite Project: A collaborative performance project that was started in 2006/07 with support from Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust during its Mineral Industry Sustainable Technology  project ‘Cultural Landscapes – Stories of the Earth’, that enabled on site research residencies by artists Amy Cunningham (sound performance), Claudia Kappenberg (dance & performance using light projection) and Connell Gleeson (music) .

The project researched the application of acoustic properties of Portland stone and also of quarry environments, projection of images on the quarry rock face and included nterviews with quarry workers . Audio-visual recordings were made at the very end of quarrying operations in Independent Quarry.

The sound and light projection qualities of Portland that were explored during the research formed  an important element of the work shown from the project during the ‘Seeing Through Stone’ exhibition  the Drill Hall Gallery in July 2009.


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