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Blythe’s Work Experience



Blythe worked with the Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust during a three work experience placement through her school at Royal Manor Arts College.

Her main assignments were related to photography, documenting the Trust’s summer workshops, industrial context, artists work and quarry environment. 

Blythe also had to write a short summary of her work experience:

‘…I take photographs of the people doing the sculpting course. I photograph their ideas and planning, and then gradually take more photographs as they progress in the creation of their sculpture. It is very interesting to see how the ideas develop into a beautiful work of art and it’s great to capture the fun and learning that takes place during the course.

Tout quarry is the perfect place to sculpt in. Being surrounded by many strange and interesting sculptures such as Anthony Gormley’s famous “falling man” piece really seem to inspire people and gives an excellent working environment. The quarry also has a very peaceful relaxing environment, with views of Chesil Beach and the Harbor, amazing geological structures and also great representations of Portland’s natural beauty.

I feel very privileged to be able to meet such a variety of people on the course, all of whom are very gifted in a certain way, and they all take great interest in the Island, mostly in historical or geological terms’.


Albion Stone plc

At the workshop





-13.7.11 Stone Blast at Admiralty Quarry, Portland (for aggregates)

-Sculptures progressing







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