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Jacob Robinson – Kent Architecture

Design Thesis Project. MArch RIBA Part II.

Kent School of Architecture (KSA)

The Petrifying Baths of the Isle of Portland  artificially induce a petrification process that naturally exists in Pamukkale and Knaresborough. They are created in Portland by reusing mineral rich water from industrial stone cutting. By petrifying objects, the islanders are given a chance to reclaim the stone and minerals they have lost due to intense commercial quarrying on the island. These phenomena take place inside a unique and magical bathing environment, in an architectural scheme that sits elegantly within its monumental site.

Experiences provided by the Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust on the Isle of Portland helped provide the founding ideas of the project. In particular, working the stone by hand and seeing the role water played in the mechanical / industrial process of sawing and surface finishing Portland stone were driving forces behind the development of the scheme.

Jacob Robinson