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Memory Stones Installation

Interpreting Portland’s Unique Landscape In Stone

The ‘Memory Stones’ create a new arrival point to Tout Quarry Sculpture Park & Nature Reserve and the Wider Portland Quarries Nature Park; a network of abandoned and disused quarries that are packed full of wildlife, heritage, and industrial archaeology.

‘Memory Stones’ is  the work of  artist Hannah Sofaer, MA (RCA) www.hannahsofaer.com who has selected  large stones from Portland Stone Firms Ltd and Albion Stone plc open cast quarries  that will connect to audio visual recordings that she has made of Portland’s Quarry environment, people and skills of working with stone;  to form an additional layer of memory overlaid on the landscape and its geology.  See www.memorystones.org.uk


The stones are aligned to the passage of the sun, the summer and winter solstice and spring and autumn equinox to create shadows up to 30 metres, and  frame views to the ecology, geology, art, architecture, archeology and quarrying history of the landscape.

Maximum arc of sun-path during the year
Maximum arc of sun-path during the year




The stones were installed by Paisley Plant Hire Ltd. and Ralph Stone, who has a lifetime of experience of quarrying, with skills that go back to the time of Sir Christopher Wren.

The Film

A short film by artist / filmaker David Kew of the installation of the Memory Stones in Tout Quarry Sculpture and Nature Park in Portland Dorset during the Spring Equinox 2017.

MEMORY STONES from David Kew on Vimeo.

Opening Day – Mid Summers Day 2017

An opening day was hosted by PSQT /DWT on the 21st June and  featured a new choreographed dance by students from the local Academy School using the passage of light across the stones at Midsummers Day.


John Gurd – Video of Dance Performance