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Nicholas Howe – Kent Architecture

Design Thesis Project: MArch RIBA Part II. 

Kent School of Architecture (KSA)

What is the money in your pocket worth?

The money in your pocket is a representation of an agreement, an agreement which can no longer be upheld by banks. That is its worth. The fact that you believe it is worth something makes it so.

Imagine a situation where the value of a base building material could be re-represented with the same belief you have for the money in your pocket. This idea is the driver behind this project.

This project looks at the amalgamation of a number of commodities which are imposed upon Portland Stone to give the stone a value beyond its base. Through the use of Red Seaweed dying the stone varying hues of Red, and the addition of architectural algorithms combined with different stone stocks, the value of the stone will change. This dying and additive commodities increases the value of the stone and hence an economy can emerge.

The project is a system where Portland Stone is extracted from an access node, in this case a cliff face. Once extracted the raw material is sent to the bottom of the sea where it becomes subject to the red seaweed. Once the stone is dyed to the required hue to represent a certain value the stone is traded through a floating trading platform.

Nicholas Howe