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Westhaven Hospital Garden


Westhaven Hospital Garden (Evergreen Elderly People’s Unit)

In 2008 we were approached by Joy Warren Matron of Westhaven Hospital, Weymouth, to help design a new hospital garden for the new wing to the hospital that would encourage residents to use the garden – where the previous one was not used . The garden was also needed as an occupational / physiotherapy area, that encourages patients, many who have mobility problems, to move along a pathway with a number of sculptural features. The design included a seating area based on the 4 seasons. We provided a scheme for the garden in negotiation with Joy Warren and produced drawings and designs that were drawn up in collaboration with West Dorset Health Design Practice.

We decided that a carved bench on the theme of the seasons would encourage patients and visitors to gather together and talk to each other, with the carvings also engaging young children and families when they come to visit. We worked directly with the shape and form of the stone that was selected, suggesting a soaring spring bird at one corner, with Autumn leaves being blown in a swirling wind, leading to a scene of small animals sheltering in a hollow from the winter’s chill with -autumn spring summer winter – carved into it. The bench was sited so that the sun falls from the back, with people feeling its heat on their backs. Other features in the garden include a carved and constructed water bowl for birds to drink from, and a two step ‘bridge’ to give patients confidence in walking up and down steps again (with handrails not shown in construction photograph) and to walk along textured pathways.

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