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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?  A sketchbook,charcoal and perhaps an idea.  Although if you do not have an idea of what to make you will find that a piece of stone will suggest a form. You can also bring a  3d model or your work.

What does the Course Fee cover? The course fee includes stone, tuition and use of all tools.

What kind of tuition is given on the course?  As Tutors we have different skills in carving stone that can be called upon when needed to help realise and make possible very different work.  The advantage of  PSQT tutors is that we have both masonry, architectural carving and lettercutting skills as well as direct carving sculpture skills.   You might need combinations of these to create a good piece of work.   We take you through  from the  earliest stage of selecting the  stone, to reading the shape, through to completion of the final piece.

What happens on day one?  On the first day we spend some time introducing the stone and tools and the necessary safety points for handling stone and using tools.  We cover this with all participants whether they are complete beginners or more experienced.  or  Generally by lunchtime all participants will have selected their stone and be working in their space on a ‘carving banker.’   Thereafter, tuition is very much on a one to one basis as students are developing their own ideas.  This is a particular strength of our course and participants see different skills being used by others as their work progresses.

What is the working day?  The working day runs from 9.30 am to 5pm. People take breaks as they wish with Lunch break generally around 1pm.   Peak times are usually first thing in the morning and last at night as participants reappraise their work. If its a nice evening people often work on later.

Will I complete my piece in a week?  Most do and some even complete more than one.

How difficult is it?  Not as hard as you might think and you don’t need to be strong.  Stone carving does not require any exceptional strength.  There are different  kinds and sizes  of hammers so you might work with something very light such as a  1/2lb small wooden malletto 2lb hammer.  Like all art practices stone carving requires care and application.

I would like to try lettering or make a sign, is this possible?   Yes, we are very experienced in teaching letter cutting and get people up and running on their projects quickly.

What are the other participants like?  There is no such thing as the British Standard stone carver.  Our workshop participants come from a wide mix of backgrounds, ages, skills and abilities.  Some come from overseas and many  come back year after year.  If you come once there is a very high chance that you will  want to return.

What is so special about working in Tout Quarry ?  Our outdoor workshop in Tout Sculpture Park is sheltered from the wind, with good sun and rain protection when needed.  It is also in among  many inspirational sculptures and installations which show participants just how many ways stone can be worked to good effect.  But it is the light that most participants find the most extraordinary factor and particularly the changing light.  This Tout Quarry light is the stone carvers best friend.

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