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Participant Feedback


*  ‘A week spent  with PSQT in Tout Quarry on Portland is more than a week spent learning how to use a hammer and chisel on stone. You will leave after your week with more than just a carving. You will leave with an understanding of stone, the environment in which it was created, how we connect with the earth we stand on and how to harness our own imaginative energy with the stone. The stone helps us create. Hannah and Paul are thoughtful, helpful, skilful and creative individuals for whom no task is unimportant. They will challenge, provoke and guide you through the process from conception to completion. You will learn a lot about stone and stone carving but you may learn a lot more about yourself and your talent.

A week spent with the Portland Sculpture and Quarry trust is great fun. If you allow it to, it can also change the way you you live. As a professional in a traditional environment the annual week I spend at the trust energises me and has lead to a recognition of an untapped creative energy.

More power to your mallets Hannah and Paul’.   Andrew Downie  –  Legal Skills Professional


*  ‘The tuition is terrific, there when you need it and not there when you don’t’.  Steve St Albans

*  ‘The light is extraordinary, changing throughout the day, and helps  you to see the stone afresh’.  Marie, London

*  ‘I was amazed at what I achieved, with a little help.  I wasn’t sure I could do it but, as everyone had told me, it started to get easier after the second day and I never looked back after that. I feel really confident now to carve on my own’  Edith, North Somerset

*  ‘ There is something about stone carving, that makes you focus on working the stone that is calming. You cant think too far ahead, but then it slowly evloves in front of you.  When one stops takes a break the steady tinkling of metal on stone is almost musical.  I find myself with the energy to tap away at my stone all day for hour after hour and sleep really  well at night.’  Christina, Netherlands

*  ‘ I really enjoyed it when we split the stone with plugs and feathers – that was extraordinary !’ James, Edinburgh

*  ‘ I was suprised to learn how heavy Portland stone really is! –  I liked the way we were taught to move it carefully and safely. and the way the tutors and other people on the course worked together on this’.  Rosie,  Brighton

*  ‘I have been on courses where they just teach a technique and you have little connection with the eventual output.  On this course they teach you lots of different approaches and not – one right way to carve stone.   So with their guidance you learn to tackle the problems in your own individual way. This is perhaps why the eventual pieces that people complete are so different.  It is so important as it makes you more aware and respectful of creative differences’ John, Suffolk

*  ‘Paul and Hannah have gone out of their way to enable my ambition in this piece.  When I told them what I wanted to do I expected some hesitation but they have been with me all the way’.  Andy, Liverpool.

*  ‘THANKS so much for another great week.  I so enjoyed finding my strange little men….  They are now in the garden, peering through the window – still a bit of work to be done (how do you ever ‘finish’ anything?!), but I love them!.  Look forward to seeing you again sometime I hope, I really love what you are doing there’.  Freya, Bristol.

*  ‘Many thanks for a great weekend.  I learnt a lot and enjoyed the setting, company, house and the  glorious weather. I think that you are doing a wonderful thing with Learning Stone and I look forward to learning more in the future’.  David, Bristol

*  ‘A little hello from your old friends at the British Museum (Egyptian Limestone King & Queen) to say thank you for all you taught me last week.  Natalie, London

*  ‘….I so enjoyed the sculpture class and have already been in my studio putting everything you taught us into practice – not a power tool in sight! Thank you for your patience and for getting me very much on the right track with my enormous mother and child, which now adorns my workbench. I was amazed that with my husband’s help and your instructions on how to load/unload heavy stone with planks and rollers, we were able to get it out of the car and on to my trolley without too much anxt. Another good thing to have learned.  I am sure I will come back for another week’s course, hopefully next year. It’s a great space to work in and wonderful to be away on my own for 5 days – that doesn’t happen often enough’.  Anne, London

*  ‘Thank you both for such a lovely week – I really enjoyed myself and learnt such a lot, I really am in awe of how talented you are.  I’m keen to get on with my hare while things are still fresh in my mind and have now confidence to go it alone.  Thanks again for everything – and see you next year!’  Teresa, Hampshire

*  ‘I really enjoyed our week carving with the Trust,  it was very satisfying to learn to handle the tools properly…’  Annie, London

*  ‘Firstly, many thanks for a wonderful time last week.. I really enjoyed the whole week and experience… Your support, guidance, encouragement and tuition were tremendous and enabled me to get so much out of the week… I learnt so much and am extremely pleased with the sculpture that I was able to create… I am looking at dates to return to the stone sculpture course in September in order to finish off the sculpture I began and almost completed in June…. and over the summer I have been looking at forms and shapes..Looking at sculpture’s too.. Even picking up stones when walking on the beach and looking at them to see and think what shapes lie within or to which I could recarve into a pleasing form.  I’m looking forward to joining you again in the near future!.   Malcolm, Oxfordshire 

*  ‘Many thanks for the carving course last week. I had a great time. As usual there was the both the sense of achievement in completing a piece of sculpture and the fun from the banter between all of us. The group were such nice people which always makes everything more enjoyable. You two are such a tolerant pair, no artistic tantrums when I say no to a suggestion yet you both have such talent for getting the best out of your “sculptors” ‘. Liz, Sheffield

* ‘I wanted to thank you again for all the help support and insight from the other week. I really had a great time and think what you are doing is really great and important, gave me a lot of energy and a new understanding of my practice’.  Daniel – Artist – Rotterdam. Netherlands

* ‘As I have been telling everyone, it was an excellent week and I am more pleased with the experience. I think I enjoyed the company of everyone as much as the sculpting, it all seemed to work perfectly together. I quite envy you your environment and wish you every success in the future.

Thank you for your help, give my best regards to Hannah and I look forward to my next opportunity to come and work with you’. Mel, Essex

* ‘ Thank you for a very enjoyable and rewarding course (and for putting on such great weather).  I was pleased with my result and it is now in garden perhaps not in right position.  I’ll send a photo when I’ve got it right. I’ll tell all my friends how much I enjoyed the course!’. Gillian, Cheshire

* ‘ Thankyou for a truly inspirational week at Tout! I am sending two pictures of our work for your archives. I hope the rest of the summer goes well for you!’. Tanya and Mark, Wiltshire

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