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Masami Aihara – YoukoboARTSPACE


‘Water Vein’

Private View – Meet the Artist – 3.00 pm – 7.30 pm Sunday 13th May

Exhibition – Sunday 13th May – Wednesday 13th June. 11.00am to 5.00pm

Open – Wed / Thur / Fri / Sat / Sun.   Closed Mon / Tue

Drill Hall Gallery and Stone Workspace 

Masami portrait 

Masami Aihara – Artist in Residence 2 April – 15 May 

Water Vein


‘Feel water vein in under ground,

Look for water vein to surface of stone.


I try to reconfirm that water rotates around us,

From the sky as rain drops,

From the air as moisture,

From the river as water,

From the earth as frost and ice.


The form of my sculpture is attentive receiver [Percolator] and earnest keeper [Supplier], using stone from the stone yard, from the vital quarries, in the Stone Island Portland.

Masami AIHARA                                     April.2012

Masami Tom

Dr Tom Mason – Geologist – Director Armagh Planetarium, interpreting deep time in stone with Secourt Print Workshop.

Fossil Tree in Tree Bole 

Masami selecting Selecting Stone
Masami Ralph unloading Unloading at the Drill Hall Gallery and Stone Workspace with help from Quarryman Ralph Stone.
Masami Ralph unloading 2 Unloading
Masami Ralph Takahiro Positioning the stone to start stone carving – Ralph Stone, Masami Aihara and Takahiro Ishii (Takahiro Stone) – turning the stone vertically.  
Masami Ralph Level Making level before stone carving. 
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