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Takahiro Ishii

 ‘Stone Construct’
Private View – Meet the artist- 3.00 pm  – 7.30 pm Sunday 13th May
evolving exhibition runs from 13th May to 25th June (an  exhibition)
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Drill Hall Gallery and Stone Workspace
Stone Construct Process – Blog Site http://stoneconstruct.blogspot.com/
Takahiro Ishii – Homepage http://www.tiworks.info/
Takahiro Drawing Takahiro Ishii – Artist in Residence – 4 April to 25 June.’During my residency I’ll research how stones are used differently between Japan and England, mainly in gardens.

Through this research, I want to have another look at methods of using stone in Japan (pattern, anti-pattern) and to make art works that explore the methods, through creating installation works and drawings.

During this research I will be uploading texts, drawings and photo’s of my research process to the Blog, and making archives to show how I use those methods in my art works.

Because I guess, it’s too difficult to understand cultural difference only through language explanation, I want to visualize the differences through the Blog site’.

Takahiro Ishii – April 2012

TAkahiro-stones-1Takahiro-stones-2Takahiro-stones-3Takahiro-stones-4 Kumu 組
Takahiro thinks, how to construct with these stones.To where do I direct my attention?

There are mainly two ways of how to use stone.

One is 2 dimensional expansion, and another is 3 dimensional expansion.

I think, at first sight the two ways appear similar between Japan and England, but I guess that the technical methods are quite different.

And then, we also have another way in which to use stone, for decoration or symbolic meaning.

In this way, we can find quite different cultural meanings within the use of stone.

These cultural differences are a theme of my art works that I am making during my time as an artist in residence during the Stone Island 2012 programme.

Takahiro Drawing 1Takahiro Drawing 2Takahiro Drawing 3Takahiro Drawing 4 What will I make?I will look for the stones carefully, for their different kinds, in colour, texture, shape, size; etc.

I will be making 3 works outlined below, each based on the three ways of how to use stone, and how it is used in a Japanese garden.


– Kumu…The Construction of stones.

I observe stones and make sketches.

I’ll cover them with moss.

I combine a stone with wood carving (Camellia flower)

I think that this work will become my main work.

– Shiku…The Pavement of stones.It’s difficult to make Nobedan or Arare-koboshi, because the shapes of stones I have found don’t fit those uses.

So I will make Tobi-ishi. Like stepping stones.

Or create a paved square.

– Tsumu…The Stack of stones.It’s difficult too to make Tsumi-ishi for the same reason as Nobedan or Arare-koboshi.

I will make a drawing about this method.

Or stack the stone cylindrically.


I will not use mortar, but soil or sand to set and install the stones.

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