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Walk Through Time

Royal Manor Arts College and Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust
Procession with Contemporary Dance – Sound – Performance
Tout Quarry Sculpture Park and Nature Reserve leading to the Drill Hall Gallery
Sunday 29th July and Saturday 22nd september
9.00pm – 10.30pm
aminites-waterfall ‘We are going to take you on an epic journey, a walk back through time, through dance, sound and projection where every footstep is equivalent to 250,000 years’.Dowload Poster Here

Everything originates from Stardust including our Milky Way, our DNA, the spiral that is reflected throughout the living world (double helix – repeated) Everything that brings life, rivers, rocks, seas, forests, shapes in weather patterns, the way water moves – all made from these single cells, yet forever evolving, like a spiral that twists and turns, but never ends, changing with its environment, bringing existence to life all over our world.

encrustations The Stromatolite is the earliest living thing on our planet that gave us the oxygen we breathe. (Oxygen, breathe, atmosphere, creation, life, we evolve). Stromatolites are formed from layers of single algae growing layer upon layer (layer upon layer) over thousands of years (thousands of years) in shallow sea waters on coastal margins 
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