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Why choose the course?

Tuition is very much on a one to one basis as students are developing their own ideas.  This is a particular strength of our course and participants see different skills being used by others as their work progresses with a sociable and supportive atmosphere created within the group.  Many people keep in contact after the course and sometimes arrange to come back as groups.

You can experience a landscape that is a catalyst for the creation of a new piece of work,  allow the landscape to influence an ‘idea  or  generate a completely new one.  Leave with in-depth understanding of stone and stone working history of the place.

You will  develop new directions in your work and a high level of skill which you can take forward through different routes. Participants have enrolled on further courses, exhibited work, taken on commissioned work, followed careers in letter cutting, stone carving, stone conservation and  taken part in international sculpture symposiums.

PSQT outdoor workshop in Tout Quarry Sculpture Park is set amongst  many inspirational sculptures which show how many different ways stone can be worked.  But it is the pure light that participants find the most extraordinary factor and particularly the changing light throughout the day that reveals the form and fine detail.

Students have an opportunity to envisage and take forward their ideas from a wide selection of freshly quarried stone which creates a more dynamic carving.

On the first day we show the necessary safety points for handling stone and use of tools.  We cover this with all participants whether they are complete beginners or more experienced and generally by lunchtime all participants will have selected their stone and be working in their space on a ‘carving banker.’  There are different  kinds and sizes  of hammers from 2lb to  something very light such as 1/2lb small wooden mallet or a 1lb dummy hammer. Learning to carve Portland stone is not about strength – its about  learning the techniques to  remove the stone easily.

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