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William Wickers – Kent Architecture

Design Thesis Project.  MArch RIBA Part II.

Kent School of Architecture (KSA)

Deconstructed Promenade Theatre

The theatre provided a narrative for investigating the fact and fictional landscapes of Portland.

The project is arranged into five approaches along the East Coast of the Isle towards Church Ope Cove which architecturally and metaphorically convey the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

The performance takes place over five separate days in the height of spring fitting in with the island’s wider touristic plan and development of the Unesco coastline (East Devon and Dorset Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site).  Each promenade journey will represent a scene in the play, generating an augmented reality which aims to blur the boundaries between synthetic and natural landscapes, whilst utilizing the genius loci of the island to enhance the theatre experience.

Each scene will be played simultaneously; as a consequence, each group will arrive at the same location every night to watch the final scene overlooking the cove. The audience will have to piece together the play after the five day event as some will have experienced it as a non-linear narrative.  As the play takes place over one week in the year, the site specific architectural interventions have a multifunctional program, catering for theatre, local or touristic uses.

William Wickers