One Week Course


What does the course include?


  • Introduction to the sculpture, geology, family working histories and ecology  of Tout Quarry with its rare grasses, butterflies and orchids
  • Demonstration of stone carving techniques – use of hand carving tools as used in 3D sculpture techniques, relief carving, stone masonry, architectural detail and letter-cutting, 
  • Selection of freshly quarried stone for individual ideas, lifting, moving and handling stone. Starting points for carving, individual tuition.
  • Developing carving skills from roughing out techniques to fine detail as the week progresses.
  • Detailed carving and surface finishing techniques for Portland stone. 
  • Informal discussion on work achieved – pointers for the future (this forms part of the tuition provided during the course).
  • Tuition Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5 pm  (times may vary if people want to work late). Timing of lunch breaks for course participants and tutors is flexible. Most people bring packed lunches. 
  • Work photographed and loaded by participants into vehicles on Friday.

Evenings (Optional and jointly organised by the group members)

  • PSQT ‘Drill Hall Gallery and Stone Workspace with refreshment area – Coffee /Tea, Books, Wifi
  • Eating out  – Local Fish,Oysters,Crab, also Vegetarian
  • BBQ at Beach Hut (when weather is warm and dry)

Note: Indoor courses also run throughout the year at the newly refurbished Stone I Work I Space at the Drill Hall, well equipped with hydraulic carving bankers, lifting equipment, stone saw, with instruction in hand tools and use of electric / pneumatic tools. There is an additional cost for the use of lifting and powered equipment.

Note: PSQT reserves the right to change details of course dates, course fees, course content, evening arrangements and location at Tout Quarry Sculpture Park & Nature Reserve (open air workshop with weather cover) or Stone / Work / Space at the Drill Hall (indoor).


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